A number of start-ups plan mix of home and office working in September, Seedrs poll finds

A number of start-ups in the capital continue to work remotely, but from this month more will embrace alternating between the office and home desks, according to a new poll.

Equity crowdfunding platform Seedrs queried London businesses currently raising with it, or that have, about back to the office plans.

Many companies across Britain have had employees doing their jobs from home since the Covid-19 lockdown started in March.

Of 44 respondents to Seedrs, half plan to remain completely remote in September.

However, in signs that will encourage retailers and restaurants in town that are in need of footfall, more office workers will be travelling in soon.

The survey findings show 2% will return full-time in September, and 16% will start alternating between office days and working remotely.

In addition 7% of firms said they have been back into offices properly since the start of August, and 23% have been mixing home and office working since the same date.

Businesses that took part in the survey include drinks firm Skinny Tonic, travel money card group Currensea, and video production agency Perspective Pictures.